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5 Hot Tub Repairs for 5 Common Hot Tub Problems

5 Hot Tub Repairs For Your 5 common Hot Tub Problems

Hot tub problems

Healthy hot tubs asked their hot tub repairs team to list and solve the easiest of the most common hot tub problems asked about or encountered. Here is the result.


1. Hot Tub Not Heating.


  • Possible hot tub repairs: To start, take out the filter from the filter housing. Inspect the filter. Is the filter dirty or clogged up? Clean the filter with a hosepipe making sure you clean most of the debris out of the blades. Try running the tub without the filter in for five minutes, as long as the water is clear. (Make sure no big pieces of debris can go down the filter housing while the filter is out). If the heater starts to work great! this quick hot tub repair has worked.

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Not sure where your heater is or looking for other possible causes read the healthy hot tub guide Where is the heater on my hot tub.


2. Hot Tub Jets Not Working


  • Possible hot tub repairs: Firstly when the hot tub jets are not working it is always advisable to check the filter is clean as the above solution. The next most common cause for your hot tub jets not working is an air lock. To release an airlock you can either undo the pump unions slightly (example picture below), until a trickle of water escapes and then re-tighten. Secondly you may be able to press the pumps on and off a few times to purge the air lock. Lastly on some spas, particularly Chinese hot tubs, you can release the water diverters (pictured below) with the hot tub switched off.
Hot tub repairs Pump Union

Pump Union connecting the pump to the pipework


Hot tub repair water-diverter

Water diverter. Unscrew the top while the spa is off and raise to see if air escapes, then re-tighten.

Hot tub jets still not working check out our Hot Tub Jets Not Working Guide

3. Hot Tub Too Hot


  • Possible hot tub repairs: Firstly while pumps are running you will always get heat from water friction. Water running through pipes and pumps running themselves generate heat. Considering this, a great place to start the hot tub repair is by checking all hot tub settings. Almost all our hot tub overheating repairs are down to settings issues. The hot tub cleaning cycle could be set for eight hours twice a day. The resulting causes pumps to overheat and transfers the heat to the water. Another consideration in older Chinese models is a pre-heat setting. This setting will heat the tub up between certain times regardless of the temperature you set. So in conclusion check your manual and settings.

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4. FL, Flow, Flo or LF error codes.


  • Possible hot tub repairs: Low flow hot tub error messages mean exactly what they say, there is not enough flow through the hot tub to work as intended. First off revert to number one and two’s possible hot tub repairs and check the filters and for air locks. Secondly check there is enough water in the hot tub. If the water level is below the filter housing this will cause low flow issues. Water needs to be passed through the internal plumbing freely for components such as hot tub pumps and hot tub heaters to work correctly. Older Chinese system spas such as Danz Spas, Kingston Spas, Lideer Spas and Halo Spas had water level sensors located on the inside of the shell.( Pictured below). The water needs to be above these sensors to work.

Water level Sensors. If relevant make sure the water level is above these sensors.

For more information and help call the Healthy Hot Tubs repair specialists on 0333 7720082

5. Hot Tub Too Cold.


  • Possible hot tub repairs: Opposite to problem number three, sometimes the hot tub may be heating but only to a certain point for example you set the temperature to 37 degrees and it never rises above 27 degrees. This common hot tub not working problem is placed last because firstly try the hot tub repairs numbers one to four. Lastly after proceeding through hot tub repairs one to four, check what mode the spa is in. If your hot tub is in economy or sleep mode the spa will likely turn itself off for certain periods of the day, despite what temperature you set it to. Check your spa manual to change the mode. No Manual? Give the spa repair team at healthy hot tubs a call on

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