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What is a hot tub hammock?

What is a hot tub hammock?

You may have seen on the news or social media recently a new kick-start project that is taking social media by storm called a hydro hammock or a hot tub hammock. But what is a hot tub hammock? Let’s start by explaining..


The hydro hammock or hot tub hammock is a concept idea dreamt up by Benjamin H. Frederick. The hydro hammock works as a hammock, hammock hot tub, portable hot tub, liner for sand or snow, hammock waterbed or swinging pool.

The water heater system can also work as an outdoor shower. With a basin and strainer/filter it can make a two-hour shower with less than 3 gallons of water.

Hot Tub Hammock


The hammock is made from resilient and waterproof high tensile strength fabric, the hydro hammock is said to support a weight of up to 227 litres of water and two adults, though only 91 litres of water are needed. Easy to set up to your desired shape the hot tub hammock comes as a compact, lighter single layer of material which fits inside the travel case of its heating system. A double layer model is available allowing users to insert an insulation pad or more water between the two layers for added comfort.

Hot Tub Hammock

Heating system

Its heating system currently runs on natural gas, though there are plans to expand to battery and solar electricity as well.

Time to Heat

The hammock doesn’t take long to heat up. Frederick advises it takes on average 30 to 40 minutes to heat 100 litres from 13 to 40C. The water heater System heats pressure water added by a garden hose. The heater system can also draw from a stream or lake.


While a great innovation and brilliant for the camping trip or on the move fun, our personal view is that it doesn’t offer the hydrotherapy massage of a real hot tub. You may be missing out on the benefits of jets pulsating on your back. But if you are on the move or into camping it is a great idea.

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