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Hot tub repairs and servicing in Northumberland and County Durham

Hot tub repairs and servicing in Northumberland and County Durham

Here we have some examples of hot tub repairs and servicing  in Northumberland and County Durham we have carried out.

Healthy Hot Tubs provide hot tub repairs and servicing in Northumberland and County Durham. We also cover Cleveland and all surrounding areas. So if you need a repair, service or friendly local advice contact us on 03337720082 or by using our contact form.

Annual service in Morpeth

Our Engineers visit Morpeth every year to carry out our full comprehensive on this beautiful hot tub in the customers pool hall. Deep clean, Biofilm remover and a full operational check is carried out ensuring another year of safe hot tub usage.

Hot tub service and repair north east

Swim spa service in Darlington

Another valued service contract customer had a visit from our Healthy hot tubs service engineers to give this great looking swim spa a health check and a full drain and clean.

As with all of our services we start with a biofilm remover, shock dose and flush for an hour while we carry out an operational and visual check on all systems and aspects of the swim spa.

Filters  were removed and flush, biofilm and shock are added to the swim spa.

After the flush cycle was completed along with a full operational check our engineers drain down the swim spa.

The spa shell is polished and washed down as the water drains out ready for hoovering and detailing.

The spa is now Fully drained and cleaned ready for filling. The swim spa will be filled over night.

Hot price tubs service and repair Newcastle.

After the unfortunate closure of Hot price tubs we were contacted by a customer looking for a company with previous experience on Hot price tubs and Tubs 2 u supplied Hot tubs to give their Hot tub a full service and check over. Our service engineer carried out a thorough inspection and clean on the Hot tub, no major problems were reported other than a poorly mounted ozonator and av amplifier. These problems were rectified as part of the service. We are booked in for next year.

Biofilm and shock treatment added and left to circulated on full power for 1 hour.

Full operational check carried out, visual checks on all plumbing, connections and shell and structure.

Full drain down of the spa, all water sucked and blown from the jets and pumps. Jets removed and debris cleaned from the jet housings.

Once the spa is cleaned and polished we then re fill the spa with fresh clean water. Balance the Alkalinity and the ph after shocking the water.

Clean the Head rests, replace the filter and give the cover a clean and treat with Stuff4tubs vinyl cleaner.

Hot tub repair in Sunderland

Our local northern engineer visited Sunderland to look at a hot tub leak for a new customer.

On inspection he found one of the pump seals was leaking.

Our engineer fixed the leak.

As in this case, unfortunately over use of chemicals can be a cause of perishing seals on pumps and unions.

Luckily we are on hand to fix these for you, often we don’t have to change the whole pump.

Lastly we always check the whole condition of the tub and report anything we can prevent happening in the future.

Our engineer left another happy customer.

Hot tub service in Newcastle

Our North East engineer was called by a lovely new customer to perform a full service on their hot tub.

Firstly after arriving at the customers house our engineer adds a pipe flush to the hot tub water. This will kill anything nasty taking residence in the pipe work and give them a good clean. Remember biofilm can become resistant to sanitisers. A annual service is always recommended.

After the pipe cleaner is added the water bubbles up. The bubbles help bring all the dirt out of the pipes.

Pipe cleaning hot tub repairs and servicing in Northumberland and County Durham

Importantly as well as checking for leaks, and that all major components are working, our engineer removes the filters.

Pipe cleaning hot tub repairs and servicing in Northumberland and County Durham

Next the filters are cleaned or replaced. Filtration of the hot tub is of up most importance to keep things running smoothly.

filter cleaning hot tub repairs and servicing in Northumberland and County Durham

Did you know nearly a quarter of the hot tub problems we encounter are down to dirty filters.

Did you also know? In addition to removing and cleaning all jets possible, our engineers also clean and lubricate the air and water diverters to keep them turning smoothly.

Diverter cleaning hot tub repairs and servicing in Northumberland and County Durham

Finally filling the hot tub up and checking it all over again, another great  job completed and happy customer.

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Nationwide Coverage

Healthy Hot Tubs cover the whole of the UK for hot tub repairs and servicing including Newcastle, Sunderland, Darlington, Stockton, South Shields, Gateshead, Hartlepool, down to cleveland with  Middlesborough and Redcar to name just a few.

We also provide servicing and repair contracts for all our customers including rentals and holiday parks. For examples and information check out our maintenance and service contracts blog