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Hot Tub Servicing in Yorkshire

Healthy Hot Tubs carry out hot tub servicing in Yorkshire.

Here we have some examples of hot tub servicing and services we have carried out in Yorkshire.

Did you know that our director is from Bridlington? Healthy hot tubs was founded in Yorkshire and is very dear to our hearts. We have hundreds of customers and contract customers in Yorkshire who all come back for hot tub servicing, repairs, chemicals or advice. Below are some examples of  Healthy Hot Tubs Hot Tub Servicing in Yorkshire

Hot Tub Servicing Repair in York

During a routine service in York, our healthy hot tub engineer spotted a familiar site.

Pump Leak

The pump seal had broken causing the pump to leak water.

When you remove the side panels you will often see a build up of residue where the hot tub has leaked, below the pump wet end is a tell tale sign of a broken seal.

broken seals can be caused for a number of reasons from wrong usage of chemicals to just plain wear and tear. At healthy hot tubs our engineers don’t just fix the part we also look for the root cause of the problem.

we are not afraid to tell you if we think you need  refresh on your chemical knowledge or to say we don’t have a definite cause.

This is no problem for out hot tub repair men to fix as we carry spare parts on our van.

the seal was replaced and the hot tub was up and running like new in no time. The customer was happy with what started as ‘can you clean my hot tub’, to can you also ‘fix my hot tub’.

Hot Tub Service in Bridlington

A fantastic healthy hot tub holiday home customer in Bridlington had a little emergency on there hands when the previous customers had a great time in the tub leaving it in a well used state.

Hot Tub Servicing in Yorkshire

We quickly got on with the cleaning job giving the tub a great service. Cleaning and flushing the system out removing anything nasty.

Hot Tub Servicing in Yorkshire

Hot Tub Servicing in Yorkshire

Leaving the hot tub looking like new and ready to fill for the next holiday getaway.

Hot Tub Servicing in Yorkshire

The lodge owners commented ‘Well the end results look amazing’.

All in a great days work by our Hot Tub Engineers in Yorkshire.

Jacuzzi hot tub service in Brandesburton, East Riding of Yorkshire 

One of our favourite customers located in a holiday home in Brandesburton, in the East riding of Yorkshire, required one of their Jacuzzi J series hot tubs servicing.

The owners rely on the Hot tub being in top working condition for their guests.

Healthy Hot Tubs annual services ensure breakdowns are kept to a minimum.

While the owners keeping on top of the weekly maintenance and cleaning routines required, helps give their guests a memorable experience.

BLB Clear ray uv bulb

*Did you know? Jacuzzi hot tubs use the Clear ray UV System and have a built in timer to ensure the bulb is replaced annually.

We tie this in with a service to ensure minimum downtime.

Jacuzzi J series

Our engineer adds a chemical shock and bio film remover before the drain and clean.

Biofilm builds up on the inside walls of your pipes, this holds the bugs and nasties you do not want in your Hot tub.

*Did you know? Biofilm can become chlorine / bromine resistant?

Our cleaner helps remove and prevent Biofilm from forming.

Jacuzzi J series We inspect each component on your hot tub

A healthy hot tub engineer visually inspects internally (where available), and externally all the hot tub components.

The engineer checks all pumps, blowers, heaters, lights, entertainment systems, jets, diverters, water features and cover lifters for correct operation and condition.

All healthy hot tub engineers check electrical components for correct operation using electrical test equipment and compare to the manufacturers specifications before and after the service is complete.

Next the engineer checks pump seals and heater seals for leaks and overall general condition.

After the the engineer has drained the hot tub, it is then vacuumed and blown through to ensure as much water and debris is removed as possible.

The engineer then removes and cleans the pickups and checks for damage and position.

Consequently any marks on the shell are removed where possible and the head rests are cleaned and treated.

You can ensure your hot tub has never looked better.


While drained the pipework to the pumps and Heaters is disconnected.

Then the engineer will remove water and debris, check the components condition and replace seals where necessary.

In addition to this the engineer inspects the internal cabinet for vermin.

Afterwards the engineer vacuums out any dead insects, faeces, repair rubbish, cobwebs and excess water.

The engineer replaces the filters and jets, checks the shell before refilling the tub and detailing any issues.

Finally the engineer balances the hot tub water with the customers choice of sanitiser. Additionally cleaning and treating the hot tub cover and replacing all panels.

In conclusion the hot tub is clean, healthy and heating up ready for your guests enjoyment.

While some other companies class a service as a water change and quick clean, we do not!

*Did you know? We carry spares on our vehicles, so we are able to rectify and solve problems whilst on site.

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Nationwide Coverage.

Healthy Hot Tubs cover the whole of the UK for hot tub repairs and servicing including Scarborough, Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Barnsley, Bridlington, Halifax, Rotheram, Beverly, Hull, Doncaster and Huddersfield to name just a few.

We also provide servicing and repair contracts for all our customers including rentals and holiday parks. For examples and information check out our maintenance and service contracts blog.