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Hot tub system upgrade and Chinese conversions.

Hot tub system upgrades and Chinese conversions


Why do I need a hot tub system upgrade?

If your hot tub is in need of a repair but you cannot get parts, you have an older Chinese hot tub that has been victim to a smouldering relay (picture below), or you are looking to update your spa for the future. This Healthy Hot Tubs guide will help answer many questions you may have regarding a hot tub system upgrade or Chinese conversion.

Hot tub system upgrade - Hot Tub Board Fire

Many old models of hot tubs such as Danz Spas, Hot price tubs, Tubs2u, spa serve, premier or prestige spas may have older Chinese systems in and even some old american hot tubs have older systems in. When these parts unfortunately break down they are not readily available leaving you with the following options.

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Source the part online

It may be tempting to get the part  online such as Ebay, Alibaba and even from websites abroad let’s look at the pros and cons.


  • Like for like replacement in some cases.
  • Can DIY.


  • No or limited warranty. Cost and time to post back, then may be void if not fitted correctly etc.
  • Normally adding the cost of delivery and import tax adds up.
  • No guarantee the part will work.
  • No guarantee the part is the same. Often the micro chips are different variants so the panel will need changing too.
  • The same problem may occur again leaving you in the same position.


Healthy hot tub advice: Although this always looks an attractive option, unfortunately there are just too many unknown variables that can lead to a loss of money and you still being in the same position, even if the initial fix works.


Dispose of the hot tub

A lot of people on the initial realisation that the main system has broken and there is no easy cheap fix instantly think ‘ok time to get rid’. Before you take this drastic step again take the following into consideration:


  • No expense of fixing the tub.
  • Can get an updated model with new warranty.
  • Can maybe sell the separate parts.


  • Costly to dispose of the hot tub (either for someone to take it or saw it into pieces and dispose).
  • If you do not dispose of tub, expensive garden ornament.
  • Can no longer use the hot tub for everything you enjoyed about having it.
  • The longer you leave the hot tub idle the more things can start to deteriorate.
  • You may have placed the hot tub in decking or an area that now needs tending to as well.

Healthy hot tub advice: Although again this may look an attractive option, the costs along with effort will soon start to mount up, in most cases more than a fix. Even selling the parts is a gamble just in case they don’t work or were the root cause of the problem to start with. Of course, if you decide you do want a new hot tub maybe you can find a deal with a company to take your old one away or on to the next point sell it yourself.


 Sell the hot tub

There is a very good chance that if you wanted to sell the hot tub there will be a buyer.


  • There is always someone who will buy a tub needing an upgrade if the rest of the tub is in good condition.
  • They will normally arrange collection.
  • You will make some money.


  • You will not get the value the tub is worth most of the time.
  • If you did upgrade, you would probably get the money you invested back plus more if you then sold the tub.
  • Again, everything you wanted the hot tub for in the first place is gone.
  • You may have placed the hot tub in decking or an area that now needs tending to as well.


Healthy hot tub advice: the fact that you will probably find a buyer if the rest of the spa is in good condition tells its own story. For example, if you had two pumps and a blower as a rough idea you could value them at approximately £300 for two pumps and £80 for the blower (used prices of course) then there is the shell, cabinet, plumbing etc. You will not get a true value. People make good business out of buying second hand tubs and upgrading, again telling its own story.

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Upgrading to a new system.

So why is upgrading the system so good and in our opinion the best choice?


  • Choice of upgrades from brand leaders Gecko and Balboa
  • Comes with one year’s parts and labour warranty.
  • Will probably last years.
  • Parts easily obtained.
  • Better support
  • More economical (most upgrades have settings that manage heating, pumps, and various modes a lot more economically)
  • You will not get a new hot tub for the price of an upgrade.


  • Initial Expense

Healthy hot tub advice: Upgrading is a fantastic way to keep your hot tub and get many more years of pleasure from it. Compared to older systems most new systems for example Balboa are more economical and a lot easier to use.

So in conclusion Healthy Hot Tubs would always recommend upgrading your hot tub especially if the rest of the spa is in good condition.


What is involved in a hot tub system upgrade?

Wondering, why is an upgrade so expensive, what does it mean or what is involved in an upgrade.

Firstly, if you have an old Chinese system and need an upgrade (known normally as a Chinese upgrade or Balboa/Gecko upgrade) chances are you have a separate heater away from the control panel. The electrical connections will be different and the plumbing will be set up for a Chinese system normally with a one-and-a-half-inch union to the heater.

Nearly all the time this will change on an upgrade. Balboa GL and GS systems and Gecko YE systems come as a box containing the PCB and heater on the same unit, all nice and compact. In some cases and applications a remote heater can be used.

Old Chinese systems have a temperature sensor and water level sensors in the tub. Upgraded units usually manage these in the heater unit. The heater sensors are constantly measuring flow and temperature through the heater.


Water level sensors on a old Chinese system spa

Hot Tub Repairs

Balboa flow and temperature sensors at either end of the heater



The expense of an upgrade is offset by newer technology that will run the hot tub more economically and be easier to use. The costs incurred in an upgrade are for plumbing changes, electrical changes, the new PCB, heater and control panel and the job can take from half a day to a full day to complete.

So all in all it is our opinion that a hot tub upgrade will be value for money.


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Example upgrades carried out by Healthy Hot Tubs

Hot tub system upgrade

From this

Hot tub system upgrade

To this



Hot tub system upgrade

From this

Hot tub system upgrade

To this

All Healthy Hot Tub Upgrades come with a one year parts and labour guarantee.

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