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Jets not working on hot tub?

Jets not working on hot tub?


At healthy hot tubs we often get the question why are my jets not working on my hot tub? Below we list the most common causes for jets not working on a hot tub.


  • Air Lock
  • Dirty filters
  • Low water level
  • Blocked Suction points
  • Damaged Pump
  • Damaged PCB
  • Broken Diverter
  • Damaged keypad
  • User error


Firstly lets start by breaking each cause down starting with the most obvious ones:


Air Lock in Hot Tub

Air locks usually occur after a refill. It is hard to empty all the water from the pipes and plumbing of a hot tub. Air pockets can easily get caught in the pluming between two bodies of water. If the air lock is not pushed through or released, it can stop the pumps working correctly. If the water pumps do not work then in turn the jets will not be working on the hot tub.

  • Healthy Hot Tub Tip: Always fill the hot tub where possible through the filter housing. Why? Because water is pushed through the circulation pump and heater preventing air locks in these important parts.
  • In addition some control systems such as Balboa enter priming mode when first switch on and try to purge any air locks out.

Most air locks can be cured by Healthy Hot Tubs with no call out. Call us on 0333 7720082 or alternatively use the contact form.

Dirty Filters in Hot Tub

Dirty filters, the number one cause of hot tub faults by far. Filters that are dirty can cause all manner of problems from hot tubs not heating to hot tub jets not working. This is because the filter housing is one suction point for the circulation pump. If the filter is blocked water cannot pass down the filter housing to the pump and in turn back out the jets.

  • Healthy Hot Tub Tip: Clean your filters once a week with a quick blast under the hosepipe and some instant filter cleaner. Good practice is to have two good quality filters and swap these around every water change. Inspect and clean the used filter with a chemical filter cleaner, leave to completely dry ready for use at next drain down.

Hot tub jets not working Dirty Filter


If you require a new filter call the Healthy Hot Tub Service team on 0333 7720082 or use the contact form.


Low Water Level in Hot Tub

Low water level, especially below the filter housing can cause many problems one being the cause of jets not working on the hot tub. Inadequate water supply to the hot tub pumps can cause air locks as above, surging the jets.

Warning: Low water levels can also starve the pumps of water, this can cause major damage to internal components such as the heater or pumps by them running dry and overheating.

If you have an old Chinese hot tub chances are you will have two water level sensors located somewhere on the inside of the hot tub shell. They normally look like two metal circles about the size of a five pence about an inch apart (pictured below). The water needs to be above these normally for the hot tub to function correctly and in most cases will not allow you to run any function if not. Some models also have actual indicators to fill the water to.

jets not working on hot tub could be the water level too low

  • Healthy Hot Tub Tip: Always make sure the water level covers the filter housing if visible, by at least a couple of inches, more if possible without over filling. Normally you will quickly get an indication of the level that can be used without displacing the water in the hot tub when being used.


Blocked Suction Points in Hot Tub

Firstly all new spas should have at least two suction points per pump. This helps prevent the very rare nightmare story’s of peoples hair etc being caught up in pools and tubs.

Suction points are basically water intake points for pumps, so they suck water through to feed the jets. So, if these get blocked or clogged up they will reduce and eventually stop the flow of water.

Luckily this is quite rare and normally if you are maintaining your hot tub correctly and getting a professional service annually this is unlikely. Suction points are normally found in the foot-well of the spa and look like circular grills (Pictured below).

  • Healthy Hot Tub Tip: Remember the filter is also a suction point as mentioned in the dirty filter section.
  • During a Healthy Hot Tub full service we remove and inspect/clean the suction grill. Healthy Hot Tubs engineers also check to see if pumps are under additional stress which could be a sign of blockage.

jets not working on hot tub could be the suction point

Damaged Hot Tub Pump


If the hot tub pump is damaged naturally this will have the knock on effect of the hot tubs jets not working. Pumps can fail for many a reason and as with anything electrical and near water it is maybe time to call a Healthy Hot Tub Engineer who specialise in Hot Tub Repairs.

  • Healthy Hot Tub Tip: Listen to hear if the pump is working, normally you will hear some noise to suggest the pump is either trying to work or not.

jets not working on hot tub could be the pump


Hot Tub Touch Pad/Control Panel

Probably a quick check any hot tub owner whose hot tub jets are not working can do, is feel in there own experience of the hot tub control panel if the button is pressing and engaging correctly. For example, is the button bouncing back when pressed or is it sticking? Is the pump/jets showing that it is on/off on the display? Often the simplest faults are overlooked and the panel may need a new overlay or replacing. If the pump/jet icons are showing on and off when the button is pressed then you know the touch-pad is probably working.


Hot Tub User Error

Unlikely as it may seem user error is quite a common occurrence when your hot tubs jets are not working. Healthy Hot Tubs have seen instances where the owner has turned all the hot tub jets off manually.



Maybe not so dramatic but on most hot tubs the jets can be manually turned on or off by turning the jet surround.

  • Healthy Hot Tub Tip: If in doubt just put your hand in front of the jet, if no water is being pumped through turn the outer ring of the jets. If this step makes no difference then you can rule this out.


Hot Tub Water Diverter

Located on the spa somewhere will usually be a water diverter (an example pictured below).

Typically there are two different types of diverters water and air. Water diverters are normally the bigger of the two and the ones we are concentrating on here. Water diverters do exactly what they are called they divert water from one part of the spa to the other. So By diverting the water about you are controlling which jets work. Turn the diverter left and right to see if there is any difference in the jets that are not working.

  • Healthy Hot Tub Tip: Sometimes the diverters can be hard to move. This is normally the case if the spa and pump that feeds the diverter is on. If you cannot move the diverter turn the pumps off and try again. If the diverter still does not move there may be a problem and its maybe time to call the Healthy Hot Tubs repairs team.

jets not working on hot tub could be the diverter

Hot Tub PCB/Control Box

Especially relevant but not often, the brains or PCB of the hot tub can be faulty, anything from sticking relays to burnt out transformers can cause all kinds of major issues. If this occurs chances are you need to call in the experts.

Other Issues

Above are just some of the issues that can cause jets not to work on hot tub. There are many more it could potentially be including closed shut of valves etc.

Warning: Remember these are electrically live parts unless isolated.  Even when isolated capacitors in pumps etc can hold charge. If in any doubt leave it to a expert. Healthy Hot Tubs repair engineers are experts in all things hot tub related. From servicing to repairs we cover the whole UK but more importantly we do not charge anything for advice. So if in doubt give us a call on 0333 7720082 Or alternatively contact us.


Finally get more information on any hot tub repair, service or maintenance contract please contact us on 0333 7720082 for a friendly and informative chat. We love to speak to people. Alternatively use our contact form to drop us a mail.