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Why is it necessary to clean your hot tub plumbing?

You may be thinking that with all the chemicals you pour into your hot tub, a good plumbing cleaning just seems unnecessary. However, even if you regularly and properly take care of your hot tub, the pipes, pumps and plumbing can begin to accumulate deposits, dirt, grime and much more like bio-film that normal chlorine shock simply can’t take care of on its own. When you get a Healthy Hot Tubs Service or Healthy Refresh; the Healthy Hot Tubs Midlands hot tub service team flush out your plumbing to get rid of this build-up as standard, so your water stays as clean as it possibly can.

So how often should you flush the pipes? A good rule of thumb for you to go by is whenever the hot tub is ready for a drain and water change. Depending on your hot tub use, you should drain and clean it once every 3 months and maybe even more often if you use your hot tub frequently. Call the Healthy Hot Tubs Midlands hot tub service team today for more information.

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Signs That It Is Time for a Service

So how do you tell if it is time for a good plumbing clean on your hot tub and to book in that service? If you notice slime forming in your water, or if the water is cloudy and you smell musty odours, it could be time to flush out your system. Another and more serious warning is a skin rash. If you get a rash on your skin a few days after using your hot tub and you think it is definitely the hot tub, it is definitely time for good cleaning.

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Remember, no matter how clean the outside and the shell of your hot tub is, if the plumbing is dirty, your water quality will suffer. Cleaning the plumbing of your hot tub should be done regularly, flushing out the system and removing any dirt, grime and sludge that may have accumulated over time.


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