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Basic hot tub maintenance timetable guide

Basic Hot Tub Maintenance guide

Looking for a basic hot tub maintenance guide?

Who needs this guide?

  • Firstly, If you are new to the hot tub world.
  • You need refreshing as you have not used your hot tub in a while.
  • If you are having problems with your hot tub water.
  • You are thinking of getting a hot tub and wonder about basic hot tub maintenance.

Healthy hot tubs basic hot tub maintenance infographic will help.

Basic Hot Tub Maintenance Timetable Guide

Why you should have a maintenance schedule.

It is essential for all hot tub users to have a basic grasp on maintenance. Not only will this stop anything nasty growing in the pipes of the hot tub and becoming a massive problem over time. It will also keep your hot tub in good condition. We have all heard of legionella and this is one of the dangers of not looking after your hot tub correctly.

In addition it is important to note the guide above is just a basic guide and there are many more reasons why you would want to change your water more regular, such as if you were having issues with foam, cloudiness or the water has gone stale. In most cases adding a no foam or clarifier is just masking the cause of the original issue. So in such cases we always advise to shock the tub, empty, clean and restart with fresh water.

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In conclusion we are always here to help and there is no charge for advice, we love to help.

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